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'Erotic Sex Stories

Liverpool Everyman Playhouse has a production on at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Unprotected' (a 'Made In Liverpool' production) played to full houses in Liverpool during March and created a bit of a stir with it's hard-hitting verbatim authentic depiction of the people hiding in the shadows of our city. With the 'Nationals' giving the production rave 4 & 5 star reviews a transfer somewhere was hopefully on the cards.
'Unprotected' was created in response to Liverpool City Council's proposed 'Managed Zone' for street sex workers using hundred of transcripted interviews with the people directly involved in every aspect of the debate as it's text.
It's not easy viewing. The managed zone feasibility study came about as a direct result of the horrific murder of two prostitutes in the city in 2003 - the mothers of the victims are represented in the play -the production does not shy away from all that that entails but...would such a hard hitting, piece of gritty realism marry itself to the atmosphere of excitement & frivolity which surrounds the city during festival time?
I was one of the four writers who worked on 'Unprotected' so I'll get that out the way first - not as a means of shying away from a shameless plug, on the contrary -it's the most important piece of theatre I've ever worked on so I'm not ashamed to plug away till the cows come home - but after just coming back from a three day trip up there know this...I DRAW THE LINE AT THROWIING MYSELF ON TOP OF PEOPLE NAKED WHILE SPEAKING JAPANESE (I'm talking literal here) in order to get them to see the show. In Edinburgh, at this time of year, I seem to be in the minority though. Such is the - we'll call it enthusiasm but I call it overbearing three sheet to the windness - annoyance factor of the people pressing fliers & leaflets into your hands every two seconds it's really hard keeping a look of contempt off your face. Which is very difficult when you're walking around in an inner state of excitement and happiness. I kept thinking about Karma and all that but if you're sat in the sun eating a sandwhich trying to tell your mates that you've got a chicken bone lodged in your throat (Queen Mother style) and there's a pretty good chance it might result in death....I think even the most religious among us would want to give that 'student' a slap around the chops. I'm not advocating violence here just a bit of that old fashioned sort of battering that people used to be on the receiving end of on a regular basis but were never actually harmed by. I'm joking, really. I know they have to advertise the shows - that's why they are there but I just wish they would offer me the flier and let me take it or leave it. DO NOT...UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES...ASSUME THAT INTERRUPTING MY CONVERSATION AND ASKING ME PATRONISING QUESTIONS AS A GIMMICK IS GONNA MAKE ME WANT TO SEE WHATEVER SHOW YOU ARE PROMOTING. ('Hi....wanna see a brilliant show, a mediocre show or a crap show? (talking over my failed smart arse reply) Good answer! Here -thrusts homemade flyer of musical version of 'My Name Is Joe Egg' on ice, by the Thickwardown Drama College Players into my hand. The one my butty WAS in btw) IT WILL MAKE ME ADVERSE TO THE EXPERIENCE BECAUSE YOU INTERRUPT MY PRIVATE CONVERSATION, INVADE MY PERSONAL SPACE AND YOUR DESPERATION ANNOYS AND EMBARRASSES ME. Don't get me wrong (backpeddling now, I sound like a right miserable...) it's just that it doesn't work. Being so overtly pushy puts people off, in general. There's something about it that instigates the rebel in us. It gets our back up. 'Unprotected' is a piece about people who have to be overtly pushy in order to survive. But the play delves beneath the surface of who we appear to be and shows us who we really are. Its honesty shocks. It shocked me when I first interviewed those people who are represented in the play and it shocked me when I read the other writers' transcripts. And it has a 'quiet way' of telling us about ourselves without sentimentality or pity. As I walked around Edinburgh trying hard NOT to engage with the zillions of 'sales people' peddling their wares I kept thinking that I was glad that 'Unprotected' was inviting people to engage with the story of Liverpool's sex trade workers, quietly. For a city known as loud and brash it's getting a lot of people whispering in reference. A gentleman spoke to me after the show and said 'Everyone should see this show. It reminds us what it's like to be human.' It's not without I was able to plug a couple of other Liverpool shows to those who were 'gegging' in on the jokes. 'Terry Titter' that lovable naughty rogue that usually sells out at the Unity every year is back in Edinburgh with 'Count Arthur Strong-The Musical' at the Assembly Rooms, a mad, hilarious take on the old 'entertainers in the biz' but he's clearly got some degenerate brain malfunction going on warned. Or there's a great physical theatre company who are based in Liverpool and usually sell out for their exhausting character/comedy peices The Big Wow in 'Insomnobabble' - they're on at the Underbelly if you're heading up to the festival check the shows're in for a treat.
The stories told in 'Unprotected' are about Liverpool people. But they are not particular to any one city. People sell sex all over the world. Some people are tortured and killed for it. Until we are prepared to do something about that then our cities will eventually, fester. No matter how exciting and vibrant they appear on the surface. It's great that the festival invites us to revel with all the comedy, music, dance and street theatre at the same time as reminding us that we have to take the time to listen to some harsh stories too.
But remember a Fringe Fly Posterer is just for a month not for chill out and do what I did....lie and tell them you've already bought tickets.


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